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Free Living Farm

Petersham, MA

Focused on Soil Health, Plant Nutrition and Ecological Integrity

Petersham Farmstand Open Saturdays, 10-2.


Find us at the Sturbridge Farmer's Market Sundays, 9-1.


Sturbridge Farmers Market 2024

Sundays 9-1pm

June 2nd - October 13th

Sturbridge Town Common

308 Main Street, Sturbridge, MA 

Petersham Farm Stand 2024

Saturdays 10-2 pm 

May 11 - late November

87 Maple Lane, Petersham, MA

Timberyard Brewing Company

East Brookfield, MA

Kitchen menu (May-November)


One Day Events/Festivals:

West Brookfield Asparagus Festival

Saturday May 18th, 10-3

West Brookfield, MA Common

North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival

Saturday & Sunday September 28th & 29th

10am - 5 pm

60 Chestnut Hill Road, Orange, MA

Any other pop-up markets will be added here as they arise


Free Living Farm grew from our desire to be a source of truly healthful food while nurturing soil life and the ecology around us. We grow 1.5 acres of vegetables in Petersham, MA for CSA members, farmers markets and restaurants along with some fruit and other perennial crops.

Pasture-raised, Organic layer hens and broilers chickens were much anticipated new additions for 2023.

We launched the farm and tended land for four years in Brookfield, MA (2018-2021).

Our passion for growing food was sparked by the sharing of stories and encouragement from many farmers who knew there was something deeply gratifying and unquestionably important in quality food and caring for the land.

We utilize deep organic and holistic methods with our approach to food cultivation focusing on soil health and synergistic plant nutrition to grow the highest quality food possible.

We know that health is heavily rooted in what one consumes daily so we strive to grow the best produce to cultivate community nourishment, empowerment and ecology.

The fact is, how your food is grown or raised matters. It matters to ecological health, soil/plant/animal/human health and thus part of the long term sustainability of life and environmental quality. This is why  we do what we do. 


We have built a reputation for consistently and transparently providing some of the highest quality produce around.

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