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Community Supported Agriculture



Our farm continues to grow because of the support of our dedicated CSA members. Our members are the heart of our farm. They trust in us and in-turn we make sure they reap the benefits with the healthiest and best quality vegetables we can grow. We deliver weekly to a pick up location of your choice and provide recipes and information to fully utilize all the vegetables in your share.



Standard Share - 21 Weeks

(Small Family/Couple Share)



This is our classic share size that works for most and is good for 1-3 people depending on your love of veggies.


Large Share - 21 Weeks



Our large share is for those who have larger families and/or who really love their diversity of vegetables . You can expect extra leafy greens, (kale, collard, chard, spinach, asian greens), lettuce heads, herbs, squash/cucumbers/tomatoes, root bunches and more depending on the what is ready on the farm.

Vegetables that usually will NOT be in excess in the large family share are cauliflower, our classic lettuce mix, ginger/turmeric, sugar snap peas, watermelon. These are crops that are high dollar in terms of seed, labor and space. We do the best we can to grow a diversity of crops on our small 1.25 acre farm and in order to make the farm sustainable and diversified we can only commit a certain amout of bed space to each crop.

That being said you will find all of these vegetables in your share, however we may not be able to provide double quantities for certain crops. You can always email the farm before your pickup and add on any extra produce that is available that week for an added cost.

Please continue reading below for important CSA details



  • 21 weeks of fresh, organic vegetables delivered to a pick-up location near you in Brookfield, East Brookfield or Worcester. On farm in Petersham.

  • Each week you will receive ~ 6 to 10 (standard)/~ 8 to 12 (large) of the best and freshest, seasonally ripe vegetables harvested that day. Some choice within vegetable types.

  • Weekly farm sheet that includes: recipes, ideas and inspiration to fully utilize the vegetables in your share, farm updates, education and vegetable info!​

  • You will learn what grows best in your local area and gain a deeper understanding of eating seasonally. 

  • Access to our “seconds bin” where you can take extra produce that we may have to offer. The “seconds” idea emerged from our goal to accumulate minimal food waste and provide more bounty to our members. This gives a home to produce that may be leftovers from market, blemished or past its prime but still totally edible and probably still better than the grocery stores ;).

    • Not available at Timberyard Pickup.

  • The opportunity to recirculate your money locally and support young farmers growing food in your community. We always support local businesses when possible to help foster more of a local community economy.

  • Peace of mind knowing that you’re consuming nutritionally dense food that has been grown sustainably, working to regenerate the land and never using chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Working toward our common planetary goal of cleaner waters, air, soils, ecosystems and community health.

  • Access to local product add-on shares when available.


Standard Share


Standard Share


Large Share


Large Share


CSA or “Community Supported Agriculture” is a locally based economic model of agriculture and food distribution. CSA programs build relationships between the farmer and the community connecting people to where their food is grown. CSA members become “invested” in the farm and in turn benefit weekly with a “share” of the freshest produce that is available, often at a discounted cost and other perks. We believe that eating fresh, local vegetables is one of the healthiest decisions one can make. Not only for your health, but also the health of the ecosystem, economy and community. 


Community Supported Agriculture is a mutual relationship between farmers and consumers. It goes beyond purchasing vegetables at the store. When you support a local farm you are making a conscious decision to consume the most nourishing vegetables available while having the least environmental impact and playing in active part in local community building/economy. When you sign up for the Free Living Farm CSA, you’re paying in advance for your share of the farm’s harvest. Your purchase in advance helps us invest in seeds, supplies, and labor necessary to provide a fresh harvest of vegetables throughout the season. You are also pledging to support the farm sharing both the risks and benefits of farming. Farmers rely a great deal on Mother Nature and sometimes circumstances are out of our control. We cannot guarantee that every crop we grow will thrive but we can guarantee that we are going to do everything we can to produce an abundance of the healthiest vegetables possible.


CSA Agreements - PLEAse read!

  • By purchasing a Free Living Farm CSA subscription, you are responsible for and agree to pickup your share every week during the 21 week share season at your designated location and time. We work hard to grow, harvest, process and store the best produce possible and hate to see it go to waste.

  • If unable to pickup, please try to let us know at least a day in advance of your pickup day. In general, we harvest the day of pickup, so letting us know a day in advance avoids waste of labor and food. You can always have friends or family pick up if you will not be able to make a pick up or if you are away on vacation.

  • If something comes up last minute, please try to let us know as soon as possible by calling, texting or email.

  • If you do not make it to the designated pick up location within the time frame with NO prior notification you will unfortunately forfeit your share.

  • All members that cannot make the pickup day/time, and HAVE given prior notification, will have the option to pick up their share at a different location for that week.


  • Finally, please be sure to read through all of the CSA details on the website. There are many benefits to a CSA subscription with your local farm, but as we do rely on mother nature, rarer and unforeseen circumstances can happen and our members share in this risk as a community. Normally this just means if a crop doesn't pan out during the season, we can't guarantee you will receive it.


Thank you so much for understanding and being a member of our farm!

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