Our large share is for those who have larger families and/or who really love their diversity of vegetables . You can expect extra leafy greens, (kale, collard, chard, spinach, asian greens), lettuce heads, herbs, squash/cucumbers/tomatoes, root bunches and more depending on the what is ready on the farm. 


Vegetables that usually will NOT be in excess in the large family share are cauliflower, our classic lettuce mix, ginger/turmeric, sugar snap peas, potatoes, watermelon. These are crops that are high dollar in terms of seed, labor and space. We do the best we can to grow a diversity of crops on our small 1 acre farm and in order to make the farm sustainable and diversified we can only commit a certain amout of bed space to each crop. 


That being said you will find all of these vegetables in your share, however we may not be able to provide double quantities for certain crops. You can always email the farm before your pickup and add on any extra produce that is available that week for an added cost.


Note: 3% credit card or 2% Venmo fee is charged up front for full share price regardless of payment plan.

Large CSA Share