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Our large share is for those who have larger families and/or who really love their diversity of vegetables . You can expect extra leafy greens, (kale, collard, chard, spinach, asian greens), lettuce heads, herbs, squash/cucumbers/tomatoes, root bunches and more depending on the what is ready on the farm. 


Note: 3% credit card or 2% Venmo fee is charged up front for full share price regardless of payment plan.


Vegetables that may not be in excess or doubled are cauliflower, our classic lettuce mix, ginger/turmeric, sugar snap peas, watermelon. These are crops that are high dollar in terms of seed, labor and space. We do the best we can to grow a diversity of crops on our small 1.5 acre farm and in order to make the farm sustainable and diversified we can only commit a certain amout of bed space to each crop based on value and demand. 



Large CSA Share: 21 Weeks

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